07 Mar 2016

Why Professional Cleaning Services in Alexandria are better than DIY Cleaners

Cleaning matters. The cleanliness, health benefits and the day-to-day impact make professional cleaners superior to DIY cleaners. Cleanliness ● Professional cleaners use higher quality products and equipment. Commercial grade vacuums remove more dust and dirt than household vacuums. ● Experienced cleaners follow quality systems. This allows them to capture more allergens, dust, pollen, bacteria and pollutants. ● Professional cleaning services in Alexandria extends the life...

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01 Mar 2016

How a cleaning service in Sydney gives you more time

Time is unrelenting. After we wake up, our day fills with work and relationship commitments. If we’re lucky we may have an hour left to relax or exercise. There’s rarely time to clean. To give you more time, let’s look at how you can get your cleaning done faster. Cleaning tips Focus on entry points. Most dirt and pollutants in Sydney are brought in on...

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01 Feb 2016

Advanced Tips to make the most of your Commercial Cleaning Service in Sydney

It’s challenging for businesses to maintain the necessary standards of office cleaning in Sydney to enhance productivity and health. Why? Well consider that in Sydney: 92% of workers don’t wash their hands upon arriving at work; 65% of business people share phones and computers; and 87% of Sydney workers eat lunch at their desk. Yet, you can personally have an impact – without relying only...

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17 Dec 2015

Modern Bondi Offices are at Risk Without Exceptional Office Cleaning Services

Modern offices are changing. Desk sharing and personalised space is aiding the spread of germs and bacteria. And it has become a serious health and productivity issue for businesses. Desk sharing has grown exponentially over the past 24 months. Employees are working in multiple offices, business travel is more frequent and work teams are continually shifting. This heightened interaction desk sharing brings has exponentially increased...

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30 Nov 2015

How Commercial Cleaning Cuts Sydney Businesses Costs

$3,230. That is the annual cost of Sydney employees sick days. For a business with 10 employees, that is a $32,300 expense. Ouch. Many business leaders accept this is an unavoidable cost. Yet, if businesses can reduce the number of sick days by even half, there is a big saving. Your staff spend their day on the phone and computer – which is where the...

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10 Nov 2015

The Importance of a First Impression

First impressions are made in 12 seconds. When your prospective clients and customers walk into your Sydney office the immediate surroundings determine their opinion of your company. The cleanliness of your office is like your mission statement. It quickly communicates your business values.You will be perceived as either diligent, organised and capable. Or messy, cheap and overwhelmed. Offices of Sydney, it’s your choice. Quality commercial...

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26 Oct 2015

Commercial Cleaning Services in Sydney

A spotless and sanitized office setting not only safeguards the health of the employees, it also enhances their productivity levels whilst maintaining a clean and professional environment. To really improve cleanliness at the workplace it is best to get in touch with your local commercial cleaning services in Sydney. There are many advantages in doing so. First, the cleaning companies will customise their work schedule...

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